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Vintage Platinum Wedding Rings

Posted on March 6, 2016 in Default

Vintage platinum wedding rings hold an incredible amount of charm. When you think of a vintage wedding ring, something very old comes to mind, such as your grandmother’s wedding band or a beautiful diamond ring from a second hand store. Today vintage wedding rings are being reincarnated into classic and traditional wedding pieces.

There seems to be something so sentimental and mysterious about a ring dated back to our grandmother’s era or even our great grandmother’s day. Surprisingly, you can have the same look and feel today with a modern wedding ring that is created to look antique or vintage. Platinum was commonly used back in the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.

Vintage “style” engagement rings or wedding bands are actually modern day pieces that have been created or finished to resemble genuine vintage pieces. Often times, jewelers will actually create a wax design of the original piece using a “lost wax” method and then cast the ring using either platinum or white gold, in some cases sterling silver too. The finished product is an exact replica of the original antique wedding ring.


Knowing your taste in style or that of your fiancé’s will be helpful in deciding if an antique or vintage style platinum wedding ring is going to be suitable or not. There is something very distinct in a vintage wedding ring; it is detail and craftsmanship of the ring. Antique wedding rings were carefully crafted with tremendous detail, such as filigree detailing or ornamental designs on the ring. Settings were also different

When you look at a vintage platinum wedding ring, you will see a lot of character, uniqueness and overall charm of the way the ring was designed. Diamonds will stand out more too because generally a vintage style will have light tinting done to the metal, making it darker or dull in some areas of the ring, called “shadowing”. This will make a diamond appear larger.

Diamonds have been said to be a girl’s best friend, but diamonds with a history are even more magical! To achieve a wonderful antique or vintage look, try setting an “old” stone into a new ring from a vendor like Tanzanite Rings HQ. Buying a vintage style platinum setting is quite simple actually, and then you can have that cherished family stone set into something of your own, making it truly special. This ring could continue being passed down for generations.

The most common look for a vintage wedding ring is the “illusion setting” This is where the actual setting has more metal than just standard prongs, giving the illusion of a larger stone when set. Another classic look for a vintage wedding engagement ring is the 3-stone look or multiple stones set in a pave setting. No matter which antique look you desire, you will be sure to turn heads with this style wedding ring.

Platinum will never go out of style and when combined with diamonds and that of Vintage Platinum Wedding Rings, you are sure to have a treasured and timeless piece forever.